Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015.

We had the BEST Christmas this year.  It was filled with many family gatherings- one with each of my two extended families, one with Justin's family (at our house!) and one with my family.  It was truly magical seeing Christmas through the eyes of a two-year old.  I love this time of year!
Cousin Karen and Jeff gave Lucas a new vacuum and he absolutely loves it.

My BFF, Ashley, hosted the most adorable Christmas play date.  I love seeing all these kiddos together and was so happy to see Lucas interacting and having fun with all of them.  Sure makes me wish she lived closer to me again :(

We went to an early Christmas Church Service this year that was directed towards young families.  It was perfect.  Lucas loved singing Christmas carols and the candle-light ceremony is one of my favorites.

The boys :)

 And the girls!
These five in matching pajamas made me so happy.  How cute are they?!

 Somehow we managed to get all five kids to take a nap at the same time so we could enjoy an adult Christmas lunch. 
 Christmas morning!


My parents, "Gaga and Papa" got Lucas a kitchen for Christmas!

We had our first snow of the year a few days following Christmas.  It was gorgeous!  I tried my best at a toddler snow adventure, but Lucas decided the "no" was "messy".  Haha.  Maybe next time it snows we will try sledding!

Lucas is TWO!

Happy New Year!  Here it is 2016, and I've decided that spending time documenting my families memories on this blog is something I want to make more time for.  A lot has happened in the past several months, so I definitely have some catching up to do :)
We celebrated Lucas's second birthday with our families and included his LOVE for all trains.  Mommy and Daddy surprised Lucas with a new train table for our basement playroom.  Unfortunately, he spent the day prior to his birthday recovering from the stomach flu, but seemed happy and almost back to his normal self by the time his birthday party came around.

Lucas's cousins helped him open his presents.  He was so excited to have all his family at our house, but I think his very favorite part of the day was when everyone sang him "Happy Birthday".  We've been singing the "birthday song" to everyone (elmo, daddy, etc.) ever since.

 Lucas had his two-year check-up this month as well.  He is 31 pounds and about 36 inches tall.  His vocabulary has absolutely exploded in the past month, and I would guess he knows and says about 200 words.  He has started speaking in 2-4 word sentences and it is just amazing to watch him learn and grow!  He "counts" to about 3 in his own language, but recognizes "two" of lots of objects--cars, spoons, shoes, hands, etc.  He knows yellow, red, blue, white and green.
Although Lucas has spent much of the past few months battling various colds, he is a healthy and happy toddler!  We've been talking a lot about his baby brother on the way and are excited to see him grow into his new role.  

A few of my favorite phrases lately :)
"Watch foo-ball" He woke up asking for football on TV.  We don't even watch football!
"More nunnel" He LOOOOVES tunnels.  Justin will build forts and they read together in them, but he also will notice every. single. bridge we go under when driving in the car.
"Bye-Bye Da-Da Tree"  Poor guy was so sad to watch our Christmas tree get taken down this year.  He would wave to it in the driveway before it got picked up by the recyclers.
"More Tray-Tray Joes" Trader Joes is a favorite visit, mostly for the samples and "juice".
"Big Owie" Lately he's been telling me about the "big owies" he is about to get when trying something dangerous- i.e. climbing stairs outside the rail. YIKES.

Lucas, we are so proud of you!  You are loving, caring, gentle, smart and so much fun.  We love you more than you'll ever know!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lucas: 16 Months

Lucas Neal: 16 Months
written Wednesday, April 15th. 

It's been four whole months since I've given an update on you, and my have you changed!  You have grown so much and are developing the sweetest personality.  Your daddy and I love getting to know you more and more each day. 

You LOVE animals.  As we read books and point out all the different animals, you love to mimic their actions.  My favorite right now is your version of an elephant, but your penguin "waddle" is also the cutest.  There is a bunny nesting in our backyard that you love to check on, and we're working on perfecting your hop this week.  As of today, you wave your arms, clap, shake your head and scoot your bottom--all trying to get your feet off the floor!  We ventured out to Deanna Rose last weekend, where you saw cows, goats, horses, pigs, etc.  I have a feeling we will be spending quite a bit of time there this summer.  I'm so glad it is so close to home! 

Along with animals, you also love spending time outside.  Now that it's warm, we take walks and wagon rides to the playground every day that we can.  If I ask you about a walk or wagon ride, you go straight to the door and grab your hat :) You love to spot all the trash cans "ash-choo" along the way.  At first I was so surprised how you could spot a trash can from nearly a mile away!  We look at cars, airplanes, and best of all, TRACTORS! You took your first tractor ride at Grandpa's house over Easter weekend and have been spying them all over ever since.  

Although you aren't saying too many words yet, I feel like your comprehension is exploding.  You know where all of your basic body parts are, and can point to  them on us, too.  You sign "please" and point to communicate with us-- it is the sweetest.  You also follow most directions, like "go upstairs" "grab your milk" "shut the door", etc.  Now if only you would "sit on your bottom" when you climb on the fireplace! ;)  I'm dying for you to say "mommy", but you have no interest.  Your brain is moving a mile a minute and it is the most fascinating thing to observe. 

This summer will be SO FUN.  I'm excited to plan different adventures for you and I around town, and for you to take your first round swimming lessons!  Popsicles on the porch will be fun, too :)

Weight: 26 lbs (76%tile)
Length: 31 inches (80%tile)Diaper Size5s
Clothes Size: 18-24 month.
Hair ColorLooking more blonde, less strawberry.
Eye color: Greenish blue?

Health: You are up to 8 teeth now! Four on the top and four on the bottom.  Other than fighting a cold nearly every two weeks, you've been fairly healthy!  There was a week or two that you were fighting RSV back in February, but it was not nearly as scary as it had been when you were only weeks old.  You have your bouts of scrapes and bruises and have given me enough mini-heart attacks to last my life.  I have a feeling your risky dangerous behavior is only beginning, though.  yikes!

EatingYou stopped nursing at exactly 13 months and the transition was a piece of cake.  Definitely a sad moment for the two of us, but it happened so naturally that the end was perfect.  I'm so grateful for that time, and looking back, it FLEW by.  I do NOT miss packing a pump bag or making bottles, though.  Now, you drink whole milk from a sippy cup with each meal, but really just rely on food.  You are becoming quite the picky eater.  Generally, you will try something, but if it is not a carb or a fruit, it usually falls right out of your mouth. Getting you to ingest a vegetable will be quite the feat, but we've resorted to puree pouches mixed with fruit at this point.  Luckily, you love breakfast and will down eggs and fruit like a champ.  I'm glad you get at least a good start to your day!

Milestones:Haircut- 12/24/14

Your favorite toy:Wagon
Pots and Pans-- you love to "stir"
Basketball Hoop

Easter 2015:
Your smile is absolutely contagious, and your laugh makes my soul sing.  I only hope that you have the slightest idea of how much you are loved, sweet boy.

Love, M

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Meeting Santa... this went as expected :/
 Christmas with Grandpa A's side:

 Christmas Eve Eve at home:

 Christmas Eve with Dad's Side:

 Christmas Morning at Home:

 Christmas Day with Mom's Side: